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Paula Goldsberry started in fitness training in 1984 in Seattle, Washington working with an inspirational mentor who coached and trained her for bodybuilding competitions.  She participated and coached other women, performing artistically in bodybuilding competitions, choreographing routines throughout the remainder of the 1980’s.   In 1997 Paula moved to the Island of Kauai and started her own Body & Spirit Sculpting fitness business in 1999 – with the emphasis on blending the physical as well as spiritual aspects of fitness and wellness.  Paula currently works with her clients on a weekly basis doing stretching and weight/strength training in her private studio in Wailua. Her goal is to nurture and celebrate each woman’s unique essence.  Paula is also a model with Focus International in Hawaii and enjoys the creative process in the performing arts, fashion shows, and commercial modeling.


All of Paula’s services and sessions can be combined and customized as per your needs.

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Personal Fitness Coach


Paula offers private and semi-private 90-minute fitness sessions on Kauai. Sessions include gentle yoga stretches, bar stretches, abdominal strengthening exercises and a full body conditioning and sculpting routine with free weights and plate loaded machines. The method is simple, gentle and very effective at firming and toning the entire body.  Paula focuses on safety and form and provides individual attention and support throughout the private session.  The workout ends with a session on the Chi machine, which provides deep relaxation, helps to release lactic acid and oxygenates the blood and muscles.  One to two people per class at Paula’s peaceful Wailua, Kauai studio. Participants experience more restful sleep, enhanced self esteem, stress reduction, increased circulation and muscle tone, reduced body fat, strengthened bone density and connective tissues, body realignment and increased energy and endurance.


Rates:  Initial Visit  $60  |  Kama`aina $35 per session

“Paula is a beautiful beacon of positivity, light, and inspiration.  She has been my personal trainer for over 15 years and I always look forward to and cherish our time together.  She helps me keep my body in shape and always uplifts my spirits when I am in her presence.  She embodies divine feminine focus, strength, and beauty and holds a warm and welcoming space for others to realize and celebrate their gifts, beauty and strength.  She is a dear friend and an amazing human being.”

– Michelle 

Discover Your Inner Goddess

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Rejuvenation Sessions


An hour of healing touch/energy work will help you to release tension, relax your nervous system and expand and balance your energies.  You will feel rejuvenated and refreshed on very deep levels.  Paula is trained in Reiki 1 & 2 and is not attached to a particular healing modality or form, but loves to be present with clients and be in the love frequency which allows miracles to happen.  This is the perfect gift to give yourself when you are feeling overwhelmed.

“When I am energetically on overload, I can always count on my time with Paula to refresh and calm me.  Her presence is a calming energy infusion!  Paula is a gifted and connected energy practitioner, and as a high vibrational being, she spreads love and light wherever she goes and with whomever she meets.”

– Michelle


Goddess Photo Shoots


Paula offers Goddess Photo Shoots – photoshoots designed to capture and celebrate your inner goddess out in nature at various locations on Kauai.  Paula will provide hair, makeup and wardrobe styling, staging of the shoot and coach you during the shoot to help you shine your innate radiance.  Paula’s husband, Scott, is a skilled photographer and together they will reveal and capture your unique and beautiful spirit and provide you with an experience and photos to cherish for a lifetime.

Beauty PlayShops


Would you like to have fun exploring your beauty and expressing it in a new, empowered way?  Paula offers Beauty PlayShops, private beauty consultation/ sessions designed for you to try various makeup and hair styling techniques and clothing styles to bring out your innate beauty and essence.  Paula also offers private shopping outings, where she will help you find clothing styles that will flatter your shape and highlight your natural beauty.  Lunch included, please call for more information.

“I believe simple changes can shift your energy and help you to express your beauty and essence in authentic ways.”

– Paula Goldsberry

Wings of Love


If you are planning a special ceremony, wedding or party, Paula performs a ritual dance with her enchanting Isis wings that inspire us to play in the angelic realms.

“I have been performing most of my life and it is my greatest joy. ” 

– Paula Goldsberry

Bridal Makeup


If you are planning a Hawaiian wedding on the Island of Kauai, Paula can provide bridal makeup services.  Call (808) 651-9543 for more information and scheduling.

 Paula Goldsberry

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